Nose-It Equine 10"

Nose-It Equine 10"


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Indoors or outdoors, Nose-It!® will keep your horse happy and satisfied focusing their attention on what's inside the Nose-It!® ball. Nose-It!'s® unique and distinct patented twelve (12) sided "SLOW-ROLL ONE EDGE AT A TIME™" design, prevents it from randomly rolling away.


Perfect for the Pasture or Paddock! Nose-It!® acts as a stall-buddy or pasture-buddy keeping your horse occupied for hours!

Unique Patented Design comes in Two Styles and Sizes

Each weighing approximately 3 lbs empty that can more than twice their weight inside! Super strong and durable! Easy to clean and safe to use. Made with FDA food compliant olefin polymer. A horse ball made of revolutionary materials and molding techniques made specifically with your horse in mind. Place it in a feed tub to allow for measured slow feeding of grain, or favorite treats can be rationed when put inside.

Flat Filled Nose-It!®

Comes in an 8" and 10" size. The hole of both sizes is 1 3/4" in diameter - perfect for carrot chunks and a good yet tight fit for traditional dehydrated hay cubes, ideal for the mini hay cubes or cubed/wafer style complete feeds and pellets. You can even use Nose-It!® for traditional grain rations, hay pellets and powdered supplements. There is an inner lip on the inside to keep the feed from simply pouring out.

Funnel Fill Nose-It!®

Comes in a 10" size only. It has a 2" diameter hole with a concave lead in, acting as a modified funnel to help keep grain and pelleted treats flowing in easily and reduces spillage while filling. It is ideal for feeding larger carrot chunks and Timothy hay cubes, further slowing down those horses that tend to rush their feed. There is a large lip on the inside of the hole to keep the treats or cubes from toppling out too easily.